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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Fauz Engineering is a corporate entity & responsible in all respects of its operations and activities. Following Principals are the core guideline for implementing the corporate social responsibility of every individual & the Company.
Corporate Governance
Fauz Engineering’s applicable laws, rules & regulations, which enable the corporation to attract financial and human capital, perform efficiently, generating long term continuity and economic value for the shareholders and society as a whole.
The management understands the corporate processes and structure which promotes the division of power and accountability among shareholders, board of directors and management & the impact on other interested parties such as employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, government local authorities and communities.

The company is committed to :

  • Comply with the country law
  • Implement effective Human Resource Management
  • Immediate decision making & Implementation
  • Ethical , transparent & worthy Management
  • Timely, Appropriate and Fair Disclosure of information – financial and executive compensation
  • Comply with Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management System
  • Implement internal auditing function of the accounts department
  • Performance monitoring of divisions vis-à-vis overall company goals Ethical Business Conduct

To succeed in delivering the best possible service to its clients, the company expects every employee to adhere to the company’s Code of Ethics & Core Values; and uphold them in the workplace. Employees are expected at all times, to exercise the highest ethical judgment and comply with laws applicable to their duties.


Fauz Engineering is committed to continuously improve on its sustainability related achievements.

Environment, Health and Safety

The company ensures that a proactive Environment Health and Safety Measures are imperative for a safe and successful execution of a project.

Employee Policies

In addition to company’s rules and regulations, employees shall adhere to all national laws and regulations.

Conflict of Interest

The company requires that employees avoid at all times any situation which may involve a conflict of interest between the employee and the company.

Dealing with Customers, Stakeholder and External Parties

Fauz Engineering is committed to provide the accurate information and fairness in all its dealings with customers, stakeholders, officials and any other external party having direct business with the company.


Every employee shall respect all information which is confidential to the company, including, but not limited to intellectual property in tender drawings, specification, trade secrets, confidential knowledge or any information concerning processes or strategies of the company. Breaches of confidentiality may be caused for disciplinary action.

Data Protection

Every Employee is expected to back up all company data and prevent loss by taking regular backups. Especially during handover on contract termination, any attempt to hide, delete information is considered a breach and will attract legal action against the employee.


The company works to deter malpractice in its workplace, with specific attention to activities involving bribery and corruption, forgery, fraud, money laundering and insider trading.

Use of Company Information / Assets

Employees shall use the company’s computer systems, internet and intranet, and email systems for business use only. The company strictly prohibits the use of its intranet, internet or email systems for acquiring, producing or disseminating pornography or similar material, including the use of abusive language or offensive images. Employees are reminded that emails and internet browsing is monitored and any abuse will attract disciplinary action without warning.

Disciplinary Procedure

The disciplinary actions include verbal warning, warning letters, and termination.

Fair Employment Practices

Fauz Engineering is a equal opportunity employer and condemn any discrimination on basis of gender, race, marital status, color, region and religion as well.

Human Rights

Fauz Engineering does not utilize or promote forced or child labour of any kind in full compliance with the Pakistan labor law.

Employee Benefits

The Company understands the value of the human resources at the top of the mind set, in order to maintain the good resource company offers excellent benefits to the employees as per prevailing rules & regulations.


The company has a grievance handling committee to provide employees who consider that they still have a problem or complaint about work conditions. Problems can be fairly and speedily resolved through the HR as per policy.


The company contributes to humanitarian causes, response to natural tragedies and support education initiatives in the Pakistan.

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